AdaptaClima: Stakeholders


In addition to the project’s Steering Committee partners, the platform development involves a range of stakeholders; each selected for their influence and interest in the subject.

Several stakeholders are contributing to develop the platform:

Steering Committee: The Centre for Sustainability Studies from FGV-EAESP (GVces), the British Council, the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and the Ministry for the Environment.

Key stakeholders: This group was selected by the Steering Committee and perform a central role in the design, structuring and development of the platform, participating in workshops, online consultations and communicating frequently via e-mail.

Collaborators: This group is made of a range of organisations with special relevance to the subject of adaptation in Brazil. Employees are invited to participate in online consultations, contribute to structure guidelines and test initial versions of the web platform. Communication with the collaborators primarily happens by e-mail.

Other important participants: Organisations not directly involved in the adaptation agenda in Brazil, but who have the potential to influence it are also informed about key project achievements, including on material available through the web platform, once publicly available.

Reference stakeholders: This group gathers UK-based stakeholders, invited by the Steering Committee, most of whom represent existing knowledge platforms on adaptation. The group also includes a number of organisations that have contributed to the creation of such platforms. Collectively they provide input on how different platforms and components work, drawing on their own expertise on the subject. They will participate through remote consultations and by attending a workshop to be held in the United Kingdom.